"We had been searching endless months across the state for a quality but reasonable labrador breeder and we were so thrilled when we came across Bull Mountain Labs. Not only are their prices reasonable, their quality of dog is top notch. We have found our forever four legged companion in our boy, Jax. From the beginning, Jax has been a very intelligent, quick learner and loving boy. Every place we go, we are receiving compliments of how handsome our puppy truly is. We cannot thank Bull Mountain Labs enough for blessing our family with Jax!"

"he is doing so good...there are no food issues and he is doing well with potty training... This was a good decision for me. thank you. He is a great puppy. He is energetic, but he learns fast. He loves to cuddle up,give sloppy kisses,and steal anything he can. His coat is dense and silky.... I am delighted with him."

"4 months, 42 pounds! Even the vet is calling him Hank the Tank. He's a silly, sweet pup...My roommate calls him the angel puppy because he is sooo good. I mean having a bulldog brother to beat up probably helps :) He's mostly potty trained, sleeps through the night and has figured out where his food is kept and likes to sit and stare and whine at it. He knows how to sit, stay, come and walk beside me on a leash. He really is the perfect first dog for us!... Oh, and he's still a snuggler. He prefers the bulldog for play-time company but when he's sleeping he needs to keep a paw on the nearest human."

"She's doing really well and is very loved by the whole family."

"He went through the retriever training program... Whiskey did awesome! He is an awesome family pet, as well as a great hunting companion. i have no doubt we will be up to see you again in the future!"

"We are enjoying him so much. He has such a great personality and is learning quickly"

"He is awesome."

"He is just so smart, beautiful, wonderful, and loving. Everyday he amazes me in his talents...he truly, not just because we love him, is an amazing dog.  BullMountainLabs truly are raising gifted Labs!  I'm spreading the word. Thank you for being such wonderful people and breeders"

"He is doing really well. Becoming quite the water dog already. . ."

"A pretty girl and pretty spoiled. :)  So very smart! Eager to learn and lots of energy.
We love her!!"

"He is such an awesome pup!"

"She's adapting very well, not even a whimper the first night. Surprised us. So lovable and sweet. And pretty darn smart too. She will be so spoiled I'm afraid..."